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our story


how it all started...


In July of 2019, our family was shattered when we received unimaginable news: our 15-year-old son, Samuel, had been diagnosed with cancer. Through this terrifying time, we resolved to do everything in our power to make Samuel’s experiences and hospital stays as comfortable as possible.


We noticed during treatment sessions that even the sight of the medication on the infusion stand was frightening for Samuel. So we covered the medicines with a colored cloth.

This is how the idea for helpiS was born.

​​With our helpiS we want to make the time in the hospital easier for children and young people. They shouldn't be intimidated by the drugs.

HelpiS works by hiding liquid medicines from patients. Due to the design, the medication is always easily accessible and visible for caregivers.


01.03.2004 - 29.04.2021

The S in helpiS stands for Samuel, as he stands with every child who has a helpiS in the future.

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